Traditional Afro-Cuban dance - Yoruba
I attend an Afro-Cuban dance show, inside a small house at the heart of Havana.
Rhythm, percussions, songs and dances transport me. It’s a return to African sources for these Cubans native of Africa.
During my trip I noticed that the African divinities leave an important trace in the Cuban’s arts, music and dances, they irrigate this multicultural society.
It's the turn of this dancer to take place, she wears a splendid blue dress, the elegance of her movements mixed with the energy and the rhythm of music fill all the house, I decide to immortalize the beauty of this moment.

J’assiste à un spectacle de danse Afro-Cubaine, à l’intérieur d’une petite maison au coeur de La Havane.
Le rythme, les percussions, les chants et les danses me transportent, me font voyager. C’est un retour aux sources africaines pour ces Cubains originaires d’Afrique.
Lors de mon voyage je me suis aperçu que les divinités africaines laissent une trace importante dans les arts, musiques et danses cubaines, elles irriguent cette société multiculturelle.
C’est au tour de cette danseuse de prendre place, elle porte une splendide robe bleue, l’élégance de ses mouvements mêlés à l’énergie et au rythme de la musique imprègnent toute la maison, je décide d’immortaliser la beauté de ce moment.
A farmer and his son with their cows. It was over 35°C in the shade, I was so hot so imagine what it must be to work in a field by this heat... The child told us that he came to help his father during the summer holidays, but he would like to become a boxer in the future, boxing being one of the most popular sports in Cuba, and Cuban boxers are among the best in the world, buena suerte niño !

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